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The Company

1980 – inicia a sua intervenção no mercado como fabricante de mobiliário.

In a clear approach and complementarity to architecture and design, evolves from the simple furniture production to a perspective of global solutions. The understanding that the function of furniture is to respond to organizational requirements, imposes the permanent development of solutions aimed at the customer and their full satisfaction.

2020 - novas realidades.

Recent changes that are called organized confinement.

The reinventing of communication, triggering forgotten experiences and creativity, shape new ways of being.

Suddenly everything changes – we lack what wasn’t thought out in time – we are put to the test – what to do?

everything – going back to the origin of thought – thinking about the simplicity of a future that is intended to be peaceful.


Julcar responds with integrated solutions that assume creativity, functionality, versatility, adapted to specific needs and realities.

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